Kodiak, Alaska is reinventing clean energy

"Kodiak is a rainy place at times. And it's a windy place too. So we take advantage of those two natural elements to make a lot of our power."
Darron Scott, CEO Kodiak Electric Association

At Jendev, here on the island of Jersey, we know a thing of two about the issues facing island utilities - in particular island utility billing. Our knowledge makes us well placed to meet the unique billing needs of utilities in territories such as island countries and communities, British Overseas Territories and geographically isolated areas.

So we really enjoyed this video report giving an insight into how Kodiak island in Alaska solves its energy problems, generating 70% of its electricity hydroelectrically.

"You take the chance because you live on an island, and island life is sometimes ... well, you're forced to take a risk"
Cliff Davidson, Chairman Kodiak Electric Association

Kodiak was the first place in Alaska to install giant wind turbines, a process that bought many challenges! But with savings of $7 million per year, the turbines are a success, and Kodiac is proud to be leading the world's green energy movement.

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Knowledge 03/09/18

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