VIDEO: Utility Industry Trends - IBM

Guido Bartels of IBM Global Energy and Utilities reviews insights on how smart technology will affect the energy and utilities industry.

Bartels details how IBM summarise the main factors affecting the industry as the 3 I's:

  • Instrumentation - we are recording more data than ever before.
  • Interconnection - the power to connect systems and data is increasing.
  • Intelligence - analytics can enable businesses to understand events and make better decisions.The move from an analogue to a digitalised world has the potential to help businesses deal with three key concerns related to:
  • Climate
  • Economy
  • Energy security

Bartels makes the point that drastic transformation is needed and that the technology exists to facilitate such change. He says that essentially the industry needs to collaborate to support transformation.

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Knowledge 15/06/18

​Communication is innovation for energy firms

In the UK, calls for greater transparency among energy companies have been ongoing for at least the last five years, but little has changed.

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