Putting the customer at the heart of the solution


Within the Jenworks billing system, the customer is at the very heart of the solution. Understanding client needs and managing relationships effectively is critical to business success. We have carried this approach forward into the relationships we build with our clients. A real partnership approach, putting the customer first.

Jendev currently supports Electricity, Water, Telecoms, Post Office and Local Government operations. Here are some of the clients who benefit from our products and services.

Manx Utilities

Manx Utilities is responsible for providing its customers with electricity, natural gas and clean water, as well as processing waste water.

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Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water provide 1.24 billion litres of drinking water every day across one of England's biggest counties. We provide their billing software.

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Guernsey Water

Guernsey Water deliver customers clean water and wastewater services, focussing on quality, reliability, value for money & sustainability.

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Jersey Electricity

Jersey Electricity plc is the sole supplier of electricity in Jersey, serving around 50,000 domestic and commercial customers.

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Isle of Man Government

Jendev serve the Isle of Man Government with their rates system, which collects annual tax for public services.

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