Meeting the needs of a changing business environment

Microsoft Partner

Jendev are proud to be a Microsoft Partner

Future proofing businesses

It is our firm belief that by adopting Microsoft technology both we and our clients are effectively future proofing our businesses.

Why? Because, Microsoft is a leading technology provider operating with a breadth, scope and rate of innovation which mean that together we are able to meet the needs of an every changing business environment.

Reliable, flexible technology

To move forward and prosper we require solid technology, capable of flexing to meet the needs of our clients which are constantly evolving over time. Microsoft clearly delivers and through its provision of multiple complimentary products within the ‘Microsoft stack’, the ability to easily integrate and develop technological economies of scale becomes possible.

Are you a Microsoft Partner?

We are actively recruiting Microsoft Partners from outside of the United Kingdom to help increase the reach of the Jenworks utility industry billing solution. If you are interested in finding our more information please contact us.