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Knowledge 13/10/22

Revolutionize Business Success with Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge 01/08/22

Jenworks Major Upgrade is coming!

Bring your billing solution to the next level!

Knowledge 14/07/22

Utility Bills: a Customer-focused Approach

How can utility bills can be designed to deliver high levels of customer engagement and understanding?

Video 12/07/22

MyJE - Mobile App integration

Jendev proudly participated in the integration process of the NAV/BC with the Mobile App for Jersey Electricity.

Knowledge 04/07/22

Paperless billing is about customers, not paper

The future is certain - it's one in which all bills will be sent electronically and not by post. But this doesn't mean the change is easy to make.

Knowledge 24/09/18

Is energy resilience the key to Caribbean success?

Hurricanes and high energy costs challenge the ambitions of Caribbean nations, but renewables & microgrids could deliver much needed resilience.

Knowledge 19/09/18

GDPR is about customers rather than data

The headlines may have highlighted GDPR's potential €20 million fines, but the truth is that customers are the focus of the new data regulations.

Knowledge 03/09/18

​Generating the energy that millennials actually want

Born into a digital world, millennials want a type of energy that utilities just aren't used to generating.

Knowledge 13/08/18

AI is the future for utilities

With ever greater demands being placed on energy networks, artificial intelligence may be key to managing the sector's increasing complexity.

Knowledge 15/06/18

​Communication is innovation for energy firms

In the UK, calls for greater transparency among energy companies have been ongoing for at least the last five years, but little has changed.

Knowledge 20/04/18

A brighter future for Caribbean energy

Located in a hurricane belt, Caribbean nations have long struggled to ensure reliable, low-cost energy supplies but finally, this is set to change.

Knowledge 26/03/18

​Automation for the People

Artificial intelligence is already changing the face of customer service, but does that mean you should just hand over your customers to a robot?

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