Understanding the industry


Knowledge 15/06/18

​Communication is innovation for energy firms

In the UK, calls for greater transparency among energy companies have been ongoing for at least the last five years, but little has changed.

Knowledge 20/04/18

A brighter future for Caribbean energy

Located in a hurricane belt, Caribbean nations have long struggled to ensure reliable, low-cost energy supplies but finally, this is set to change.

Knowledge 26/03/18

​Automation for the People

Artificial intelligence is already changing the face of customer service, but does that mean you should just hand over your customers to a robot?

Knowledge 14/03/18

Paperless billing is about customers, not paper

The future is certain - it's one in which all bills will be sent electronically and not by post. But this doesn't mean the change is easy to make.

Knowledge 05/03/18

​Maintaining the balance of power

Planned growth in renewable energy sources presents many challenges to an industry that demands consistent supply and transparency with consumers.

Knowledge 11/01/18

​Is tariff choice always good for energy consumers?

'Choice' is often billed as the fuel of effective competition, but are the increasing numbers of energy companies and tariffs now confusing consumers?...

Knowledge 01/11/17

​Getting ready for GDPR

The implementation of the EU's new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May marks a step change in the way businesses must treat client data....

Knowledge 20/09/17

Are chatbots the answer to ​improving customer service?

A recent survey found that utilities "provide the most frustrating online customer services in the UK". Could chatbots be the route to better service?...

Knowledge 16/08/17

​Rising to the energy efficiency challenge

A global drive for greater energy efficiency is under way but whilst it may help meet sustainability targets, it's causing a headache for utilities.

Knowledge 12/07/17

What can islands learn from California?

In California, large-scale solar power has hit an economic barrier as a result of its own success.

Knowledge 30/06/17

​Mobilising communities for greater efficiency

Utility companies in all sectors need to encourage consumers to be more efficient in the way they use services. Mobilising communities may be the way....

Video 22/06/17

Kauai, Hawaii: the 24hr Solar-Powered Island

Energy storage has been the crucial missing piece of the solar energy jigsaw, but times are changing as the island of Kauai is now discovering.

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