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Knowledge 16/08/17

​Rising to the energy efficiency challenge

A global drive for greater energy efficiency is under way but whilst it may help meet sustainability targets, it's causing a headache for utilities.

Knowledge 12/07/17

What can islands learn from California?

In California, large-scale solar power has hit an economic barrier as a result of its own success.

Knowledge 30/06/17

​Mobilising communities for greater efficiency

Utility companies in all sectors need to encourage consumers to be more efficient in the way they use services. Mobilising communities may be the way....

Video 22/06/17

Kauai, Hawaii: the 24hr Solar-Powered Island

Energy storage has been the crucial missing piece of the solar energy jigsaw, but times are changing as the island of Kauai is now discovering.

Knowledge 22/06/17

​Dealing with Digitalisation

There's no stopping utilities as they move towards digitalisation, but the road isn't smooth and some are finding that the going is quite tough.

Knowledge 16/06/17

Electricity usage in the US has fallen

The amount of electricity used in the USA has fallen for the first time in decades. Could low energy light bulbs be the reason?

Knowledge 14/06/17

​Energy generation: can we really compare the costs?

Is there a foolproof way to compare the cost of nuclear energy generation with wind or fossil fuels?

Knowledge 31/05/17

Powering the Future

Views of the future of the power industry tend to focus on the benefits to the consumer but smart technology is also transforming power generation.

Knowledge 19/05/17

​Preparing for the future, today

With the long-term ability to serve our clients in mind, we have recently recruited or promoted three team members.

Knowledge 28/04/17

Is the UK coming to the end of coal?

The mix of energy fuels has never been so diverse, with the consequence that more countries are reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.

Knowledge 10/04/17

​A Tale of Two Islands

There's no clearer example that no two islands are alike than these contrasting renewable energy stories from the Isle of Eigg and Stewart Island.

Knowledge 03/04/17

​Upgrade to get the best from MS Dynamics NAV

Two decades experience developing billing solutions with MS Dynamics NAV has taught us that it's worth keeping up with the upgrades.

Knowledge 24/03/17

8 ways to make bills customer friendly

The value of well-designed bills cannot be underestimated, so we've compiled eight ways to get your bill design right.

Knowledge 14/03/17

​Sharing customer data is a matter of trust

Huge advantages can be gained by sharing customer data with third party providers, but how can utilities win sufficient customer trust to do so?

Knowledge 03/03/17

​Why is MS Dynamics NAV ideal for utility billing?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the most popular ERP systems in the world. What is it that makes NAV such a popular choice for companies?

Knowledge 24/02/17

​Mixed Resources: the Face of 21st Century Energy

To the consumer all electricity looks the same, but in reality our 21st century energy is usually drawn from a wide variety of sources.

Knowledge 13/02/17

​Smart Meters. Putting a great idea into practice

A recent report by ECTA training identifies a lack of trained engineers as limiting smart meter adoption in the UK.

Knowledge 25/01/17

Mapping customer journeys, improving customer satisfaction

Mapping the customer journey is a vital process for energy businesses who want to stand out from the crowd.

Knowledge 11/01/17

Energy storage is key to our low carbon future

The growth of renewable energy is creating new challenges for grid operators, and will require new billing solutions.

Knowledge 03/01/17

Blockchains and the energy industry

We explain how Blockchains work, and consider their impact on the energy industry in the future.

Knowledge 15/12/16

Ofgem awards £44.6 million to innovative projects

Ofgem rewards six projects that are being developed with the aim of enabling smarter energy grids.

Knowledge 24/11/16

Be prepared for the decentralised energy network

In this article, we take a glimpse at the future of smart networks. What are the advantages of a future decentralised network?

Knowledge 31/10/16

Introducing the Internet of Energy

The Internet of Energy: what is it, how does it work and what does it mean for customers and the utility industry?

Knowledge 13/10/16

The clean energy superpower of the 21st century

With less than a month to go until the US election, Hillary Clinton remains a staunch advocate for renewable energy.

Knowledge 20/09/16

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is the latest cloud business software from Microsoft, combining their NAV ERP solution with CRM solutions in a single online product.

Knowledge 16/09/16

UK consumers less tolerant of poor customer service

Forty-four per cent of UK consumers are less tolerant of poor customer service than they were three years ago, according to new research.

Video 08/09/16

Kodiak, Alaska is reinventing clean energy

A great video report giving an insight into how Kodiak, Alaska solves its energy problems, generating 70% of its electricity hydroelectrically.

Knowledge 23/08/16

Increasing confidence in the public cloud

IT professionals are becoming more confident in the security of the public cloud compared to corporate data centres.

Video 11/08/16

Behavioural Science Meets Energy Bills

What's a proven way to lower your energy costs? Would you believe: learning what your neighbour pays. Find out more in this fascinating TED Talk.

Knowledge 15/04/16

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Compare and Contrast

Microsoft recently introduced Dynamics NAV 2016 and, as you would expect, it came with a range of new features you should be aware of.

Knowledge 26/02/16

Predictive Analytics and the Utility Industry

In today’s world, winning over customers means anticipating their needs. Innovative companies do this through the use of predictive analytics.

Knowledge 26/01/16

Engaging Customers with Bills and Statements

Every statement you send to the customer is an opportunity to engage and educate them with tailored information about your products and services.

Knowledge 11/12/15

The Journey from Paper to Paperless

Paperless billing is reliable, secure and functional. It can improve customer loyalty, reduce overall costs and increase profitability.

Knowledge 19/10/15

SLIDESHARE: Utility Bill Customer Engagement

This SlideShare presentation covers the main factors affecting customer interest and engagement in utility bills.

Knowledge 09/10/15

SLIDESHARE: Six Simple Steps for Better Bills

Studies by Uswitch state that utility bills can be confusing for some customers and include information which is difficult to locate.

Knowledge 16/09/15

Power BI – Changing the Face of Reports?

With the emergence of Microsoft’s Power BI, reporting has become even easier. Will this make decision making more effective?

Knowledge 01/09/15

Utility Bills: a Customer-focused Approach

How can utility bills can be designed to deliver high levels of customer engagement and understanding?

Knowledge 24/08/15

Are Customers Interested in their Utility Bill?

A significant number of customers do not look at their energy bill. We explore some reasons why this might be the case.

Knowledge 11/08/15

UK Energy - Vulnerable Customers Paying More?

Many utilities are sensitive to the needs of vulnerable customers, but some may be paying more than they should.

Knowledge 15/05/15

Exploring the Power of T.O.U. Tariffs

T.O.U. tariff refers to 'Time of Use', an increasingly prominent feature of the smart utility industry landscape.

Knowledge 10/04/15

Changing Times - The Rise of the Prepaid Meter

Is the advent of smart technology triggering a change in the type of relationship customers have with their utility supplier?

Knowledge 17/03/15

How to Manage Utility Bill Shock

Bill shock is a phrase increasingly being used to describe how utility customers might react to incorrect or unexpectedly high bills.

Knowledge 06/03/15

Will A Failure to Innovate Begin to Hurt Soon?

At grid level, innovation has been the hallmark of the energy industry. But smart technology is beginning to change matters.

Knowledge 26/02/15

Utility Customers Taking Control

Smart technology will soon change the relationship between customers and utilities for ever. A bold statement you may think...

Knowledge 18/02/15

Big Six UK Energy Utilities Under Pressure

The Government is pressuring larger UK energy utilities to pass on recent falls in oil prices, but there's clearly a bigger problem.

Knowledge 12/02/15

Nudging Energy Consumers to Use Less

'Nudging' is the process of informing customers about how their consumption patterns compare to average usage.

Knowledge 27/01/15

SLIDESHARE: IBM, Big Data & Power Utilities

In this SlideShare presentation IBM explore factors affecting the power utility industry and the use of Big Data.

Knowledge 27/01/15

SLIDESHARE: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a genuine technology hot topic right now. It's potentially revolutionary. But what exactly is it?

Video 27/01/15

VIDEO: An introduction to Microsoft SERA

Microsoft's dedicated Power & Utilities division have published an ambitious smart technology architecture called SERA.

Knowledge 27/01/15

Renewable Energy Storage Predictions

Alternative energy watchers are making bold predictions about the potential industry value for storage of renewable energy.

Video 23/01/15

VIDEO: Introducing The Energy Internet

Jeremy Rifkin looks at the 'Energy Internet', and how smart technology is used to create interconnected smart grids

Knowledge 22/01/15

SLIDESHARE: Enhancing Relationships with Digital

In this SlideShare, Capgemini explore how utilities can embrace digital to enhance customer relationships.

Knowledge 22/01/15

SLIDESHARE: The Electricity Utility of 2020

HP published this SlideShare which explores six key issues which electricity power utilities face in the medium term.

Video 22/01/15

VIDEO: Big Data and Utilities

IBM explore how 'Big Data' creates opportunities for the utility industry through smart meter technology and smart grids.

Video 22/01/15

VIDEO: Utility Industry Trends - Microsoft

In this video Jon Arnold of Microsoft summarises the key trends and tendencies affecting the utility industry today.

Video 22/01/15

VIDEO: Utility Industry Trends - PwC

In this video PwC explore and discuss some of the the big themes of the day for the power and utilities business.

Video 22/01/15

VIDEO: Utility Industry Trends - IBM

Guido Bartels of IBM reviews insights on how smart technology will affect the energy and utilities industry.

Video 22/01/15

Microsoft Outlines Cloud Credentials

Microsoft's push to gain a share of the growing cloud marketplace has been underlined by their recent marketing activity.

Knowledge 20/01/15

Smart Meters and Revenue Protection

How do developing countries attract infrastructure investment if sales revenue is lost to bad debtors or theft?

Knowledge 01/11/14

Jendev has a New Look and New Offices!

Following our recent rebranding, we are proud to announce that we have moved into new purpose built office accommodation.

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