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Powering a 360° view of your customers

Jenworks CRM

Meeting the CRM needs of utilities

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Jenworks CRM harnesses the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, adding bespoke configuration and functionality to specifically meet the needs of utilities. Our solution works natively with Dynamics NAV and Jenworks Billing, enabling seamless data transfer.

Jenworks CRM can streamline sales processes; provide your team with the information and processes they need identify and close leads; and help to turn insights about your business into practical actions.

Integrated billing and CRM

Fully integrated billing and CRM systems can lower operational costs and ease daily tasks. It enables you to couple CRM records with billing records - essentially linking the records together. 

All information is maintained and synchronised across both systems, minimising the need for manual processes considerably, resulting in fewer errors and significant time savings. It provides a 360° view of the customer, with all key billing information visible during customer management.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration between billing and CRM systems enables the following:

  • Users can work in both Jenworks Billing and Jenworks CRM.

    User can view the data for equivalent records from either system. They can work in the application that they prefer and are most efficient in, and make more informed decisions without switching applications.

  • Data can be shared and synchronised between Jenworks Billing and Jenworks CRM.

    Changes to records in Jenworks CRM, such as accounts, can be copied to corresponding records in Jenworks Billing. This enables users to keep information up-to-date in both applications.
Opportunity management

On a practical level for utilities, quick navigation between Jenworks Billing and Jenworks CRM enables deep dive into meter readings and other key metrics, along with periodic and ongoing report generation. Opportunity management can be used for sales teams looking to fuel switch, for example between oil, gas & electricity, or to sell other related services

Key Features:
  • Interaction management
  • Workflow for escalation of key issues and task management
  • Dashboards: a visual display of key information required to prioritise tasks and make decisions
  • Integrates with the wider Microsoft stack, e.g. Office (365), SQL, SharePoint
  • Option to embed SharePoint directly
  • Knowledge Base
  • Call scripting
  • Case (interaction management)
  • Opportunity management