​Smart Meters. Putting a great idea into practice

​Smart Meters. Putting a great idea into practice

The benefits that come with real-time monitoring of grid energy usage are clear to energy generators and distributors the world over. Ultimately, it’s the opportunity to develop greater control over generation and distribution, as well as a more detailed understanding of energy use, that are the driving forces behind the global move to install smart meters in homes and businesses.

Among the countries leading the charge for nationwide smart meter adoption is the UK, where the government has committed to providing smart meters to 27 million households by 2020.

Whilst the UK’s intention is certainly laudable, doubts have surfaced about the likelihood of the country hitting its target, as the rate of installations is currently too slow. The most likely reason for this is a lack of trained engineers, a fact that a recent report by ECTA Training acknowledges and quantifies, claiming that 6,500 need to be trained quickly if the UK government is to see its target reached.

Communication is key

A lack of engineers however, is not the only reason for slower than expected adoption. Change can be an unwelcome challenge for members of the public, so a nationwide rollout of something new is likely to face a level of inertia among those consumers who are happy with the status quo.

Such an obstacle can only be overcome by communicating the benefits that smart meters deliver to consumers. Importantly, the report sheds light on the key messages that people will benefit from hearing and that will help consumers understand the reasons for smart meter adoption.

Although training-focused, the ECTA report is a worthwhile read for anyone involved in the large-scale installation of smart meters. It includes crucial findings that will undoubtedly help organisations deliver a smooth smart meter rollout.

The ECTA report is available on the firm’s website; it’s quick to read and full of useful information.

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