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Knowledge 24/09/18

Is energy resilience the key to Caribbean success?

Hurricanes and high energy costs challenge the ambitions of Caribbean nations, but renewables & microgrids could deliver much needed resilience.

Knowledge 20/04/18

A brighter future for Caribbean energy

Located in a hurricane belt, Caribbean nations have long struggled to ensure reliable, low-cost energy supplies but finally, this is set to change.

Knowledge 05/03/18

​Maintaining the balance of power

Planned growth in renewable energy sources presents many challenges to an industry that demands consistent supply and transparency with consumers.

Knowledge 16/08/17

​Rising to the energy efficiency challenge

A global drive for greater energy efficiency is under way but whilst it may help meet sustainability targets, it's causing a headache for utilities.

Video 22/06/17

Kauai, Hawaii: the 24hr Solar-Powered Island

Energy storage has been the crucial missing piece of the solar energy jigsaw, but times are changing as the island of Kauai is now discovering.

Knowledge 14/06/17

​Energy generation: can we really compare the costs?

Is there a foolproof way to compare the cost of nuclear energy generation with wind or fossil fuels?

Knowledge 28/04/17

Is the UK coming to the end of coal?

The mix of energy fuels has never been so diverse, with the consequence that more countries are reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.

Knowledge 10/04/17

​A Tale of Two Islands

There's no clearer example that no two islands are alike than these contrasting renewable energy stories from the Isle of Eigg and Stewart Island.

Knowledge 13/10/16

The clean energy superpower of the 21st century

With less than a month to go until the US election, Hillary Clinton remains a staunch advocate for renewable energy.

Video 08/09/16

Kodiak, Alaska is reinventing clean energy

A great video report giving an insight into how Kodiak, Alaska solves its energy problems, generating 70% of its electricity hydroelectrically.

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