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Knowledge 03/09/18

​Generating the energy that millennials actually want

Born into a digital world, millennials want a type of energy that utilities just aren't used to generating.

Knowledge 26/03/18

​Automation for the People

Artificial intelligence is already changing the face of customer service, but does that mean you should just hand over your customers to a robot?

Knowledge 20/09/17

Are chatbots the answer to ​improving customer service?

A recent survey found that utilities "provide the most frustrating online customer services in the UK". Could chatbots be the route to better service?...

Knowledge 31/05/17

Powering the Future

Views of the future of the power industry tend to focus on the benefits to the consumer but smart technology is also transforming power generation.

Knowledge 13/02/17

​Smart Meters. Putting a great idea into practice

A recent report by ECTA training identifies a lack of trained engineers as limiting smart meter adoption in the UK.

Knowledge 31/10/16

Introducing the Internet of Energy

The Internet of Energy: what is it, how does it work and what does it mean for customers and the utility industry?

Knowledge 15/05/15

Exploring the Power of T.O.U. Tariffs

T.O.U. tariff refers to 'Time of Use', an increasingly prominent feature of the smart utility industry landscape.

Knowledge 10/04/15

Changing Times - The Rise of the Prepaid Meter

Is the advent of smart technology triggering a change in the type of relationship customers have with their utility supplier?

Knowledge 06/03/15

Will A Failure to Innovate Begin to Hurt Soon?

At grid level, innovation has been the hallmark of the energy industry. But smart technology is beginning to change matters.

Knowledge 26/02/15

Utility Customers Taking Control

Smart technology will soon change the relationship between customers and utilities for ever. A bold statement you may think...

Knowledge 22/01/15

SLIDESHARE: The Electricity Utility of 2020

HP published this SlideShare which explores six key issues which electricity power utilities face in the medium term.

Knowledge 20/01/15

Smart Meters and Revenue Protection

How do developing countries attract infrastructure investment if sales revenue is lost to bad debtors or theft?

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