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Knowledge 20/04/18

A brighter future for Caribbean energy

Located in a hurricane belt, Caribbean nations have long struggled to ensure reliable, low-cost energy supplies but finally, this is set to change.

Knowledge 14/03/18

Paperless billing is about customers, not paper

The future is certain - it's one in which all bills will be sent electronically and not by post. But this doesn't mean the change is easy to make.

Knowledge 11/01/18

​Is tariff choice always good for energy consumers?

'Choice' is often billed as the fuel of effective competition, but are the increasing numbers of energy companies and tariffs now confusing consumers?...

Knowledge 16/06/17

Electricity usage in the US has fallen

The amount of electricity used in the USA has fallen for the first time in decades. Could low energy light bulbs be the reason?

Knowledge 24/03/17

8 ways to make bills customer friendly

The value of well-designed bills cannot be underestimated, so we've compiled eight ways to get your bill design right.

Knowledge 14/03/17

​Sharing customer data is a matter of trust

Huge advantages can be gained by sharing customer data with third party providers, but how can utilities win sufficient customer trust to do so?

Knowledge 16/09/16

UK consumers less tolerant of poor customer service

Forty-four per cent of UK consumers are less tolerant of poor customer service than they were three years ago, according to new research.

Knowledge 26/02/16

Predictive Analytics and the Utility Industry

In today’s world, winning over customers means anticipating their needs. Innovative companies do this through the use of predictive analytics.

Knowledge 26/01/16

Engaging Customers with Bills and Statements

Every statement you send to the customer is an opportunity to engage and educate them with tailored information about your products and services.

Knowledge 11/12/15

The Journey from Paper to Paperless

Paperless billing is reliable, secure and functional. It can improve customer loyalty, reduce overall costs and increase profitability.

Knowledge 19/10/15

SLIDESHARE: Utility Bill Customer Engagement

This SlideShare presentation covers the main factors affecting customer interest and engagement in utility bills.

Knowledge 09/10/15

SLIDESHARE: Six Simple Steps for Better Bills

Studies by Uswitch state that utility bills can be confusing for some customers and include information which is difficult to locate.

Knowledge 01/09/15

Utility Bills: a Customer-focused Approach

How can utility bills can be designed to deliver high levels of customer engagement and understanding?

Knowledge 24/08/15

Are Customers Interested in their Utility Bill?

A significant number of customers do not look at their energy bill. We explore some reasons why this might be the case.

Knowledge 11/08/15

UK Energy - Vulnerable Customers Paying More?

Many utilities are sensitive to the needs of vulnerable customers, but some may be paying more than they should.

Knowledge 17/03/15

How to Manage Utility Bill Shock

Bill shock is a phrase increasingly being used to describe how utility customers might react to incorrect or unexpectedly high bills.

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