Freedom to bill the way you want

Features & Benefits

Jenworks is a specialist solution developed over decades using the very latest Microsoft technology. Key features and benefits include:

Robust, cost effective and proven

Microsoft technology enables your company to adapt to changing circumstances. Integrate everything and future-proof your utility.

The books will always balance

Jenworks is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (enterprise resource planning solution). Therefore, by design, the books will always balance.

Puts the customer at the heart of the system

Properties have meters and meters record usage. However ultimately it is customers who use your utility service and pay for it! In Jenworks the customer is at the heart of the system, all billing entries start here. This provides the best possible data structure to manage changing circumstances and record the full customer life-cycle.

Flexible, flexible, flexible

Every possible configuration of Accounts, Tariffs, Properties and Meters (including Sub Meters) is catered for. A single customer can have a number of Account Lines, each one can have a number of Tariffs, Properties and Meters.

Jendev structural options


Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and Microsoft SQL, Jenworks uses a concurrent licensing model typically supporting anywhere between 20 – 200 users.

Understand tariffs, usage and customers with advanced analysis and insights

More data does not always mean more control. Jenworks delivers insights not just information. Advanced analysis by dimensions enables you to assess usage by tariff, charge or usage consumption.

Configure tariffs however you like

Tariffs, are the life-blood of any utility company. There are no restrictions on how tariffs can be configured in Jenworks.

Integrate with smart and traditional meters

Whatever the meter type, Jenworks is ready. This includes the ability to integrate with smart and traditional meters (including sub and combined).

Accepts all payment methods

Set your customers free! In Jenworks there are no restrictions on customer payment methods.

Flexible charging, including transactional charges and late fees

Flexible charging is a feature of Jenworks. There is no limit on the number of tariffs that can be configured. Furthermore, different Charge Factors which can be applied to Meters, Tariffs or Properties. Permanent and one-off charges can also be levied, including transactional charges and late fees.  

Debt control and revenue protection functionality

Jenworks is a powerful billing solution and with ‘great power comes great responsibility’! Customer relationships can be managed sustainably and ethically using our debt control and revenue protection functionality.

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